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Anti-Virus Reference Library

Ok, so here's the deal. I don't think you're stupid.

Agree with me so far? Good, I thought you might. Now a lot of people (probably most) don't know a lot about viruses or Anti-Virus software. That doesn't need to be so, in fact it shouldn't be so.

I'm not suggesting that people should all become experts in the field but let's face it, computer viruses are a fact of life and no matter how much we wish it so they aren't going to just go away.

Now a lot is known about computer viruses and there are a lot knowledge based resources available but one may not know where to look or even what to look for - thus the creation of this page, a reference library which, while it is by no means complete, is intended to help make anti-virus information more available, more visible, and hopefully more understandable.

Many thanks to the AV researchers, the AV software reviewers, the FAQ maintainers, and so on for all the work they've done making information about viruses and the AV field available to the public at large.

Searchable Databases

Links to tools that can help you find out more about a particular virus or hoax

Independent Review Organizations

Trying to decide on an AV product? These people have compiled some information that can help you

AV For Beginners

Some (hopefully) useful basic information

Frequently Asked Question Lists (FAQs)

If you have a question you might find the answer in these links

Mailing Lists

Anti-Virus related mailing lists which will send you information such as virus alerts and descriptions by e-mail

Virus Submission Addresses

Places where you can send files you suspect may be infected so as to find out for sure, to get a solution, and to help the Anti-Virus companies improve their software

Research/White Papers

Links to research papers about viruses, AV theory, virus writers, etc...

Interesting Sites

Other pages you should check out

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